About Us

Established in 2008, Top A Lot Frozen Yogurt has been largely recognized as the heart of the Santa Cruz community. Top a Lot Yogurt specializes in creating a fun and welcoming environment for members of the community to enjoy delicious, healthier, and affordable desserts for all. Amit Singh Klair, the owner of Top A Lot Yogurt, has strived to maintain the qualities of this brand and aims to expand the brand to other communities!

Amit Singh Klair always dreamed of a better life for his family, who immigrated to the United States from the state of Punjab, India in the 1990s. Amit is the middle child of three siblings and cherishes all the memories of going out with his family to purchase desserts. Despite the struggles of being first generation immigrant, Amit’s family provided Amit and his siblings with the best life they could. Amit began his journey to provide a better life for his family at the age of 15, and started working at a local amusement park. The journey began and Amit went through a variety of professions including working at a tire shop, selling food/snacks/drinks, cutting hair, delivering food, building a shoe selling business, and creating a management company. At the age of 18, Amit saved enough funds to purchase Top a Lot Yogurt in 2022. At the time Top A Lot frozen yogurt was established, Amit Klair was 5 years old and 13 years later at 18 years old, Amit dedicated himself to continue expanding the brand.

Since Amit’s purchase of Top a Lot Yogurt, the business has prospered. He continued the $5 fill-up day allowing customers to only pay $5 for anything that they can fit in their cup (Taxes and exclusions may apply), despite the effects of inflation! To Amit Klair, it was not about the profit he could gain from Top a Lot, but the aim to create nostalgic memories for customers. This is similar to the little boy inside him who remembers the experiences he had with his hardworking family when buying desserts. Amit prides himself in creating an environment where no matter where your family comes from you can enjoy delicious treats without worrying about the price tag!